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Naturally activate your most potent genetic triggers, for full body immune health, mental clarity, and an energy boost.

Activate your Immune System while boosting available energy, increasing focus, and peak performance.

Boost Program

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Activate your Immune System while boosting available energy, increasing focus, and peak performance.

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Activate your Immune System while supporting recovery, building immunity, and unlocking long lasting protection.

Recovery Program

$ 45.00 

Activate your Immune System while supporting recovery, building immunity, and unlocking long lasting protection.

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Suitable for aged or weakened Immune Systems, rebuild immunity while enhancing cognition and mental acuity.

Intensive Program

$ 80.00 

Suitable for aged or weakened Immune Systems, rebuild immunity while enhancing cognition and mental acuity.

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Common Questions

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Tying it all together

Our functioning immune response is a series of genetically coordinated actions in a sequenced cycle with the innate and adaptive parts of our immune system, cellular and humoral responses, antibodies and other form regulators  working together.  Our immune system can become activated and engaged just as easily from heavy physical or mental work as responding to pathogens.  This is normal and necessary.  In every case, to work properly, the entire cycle must progress from start to finish in a balanced and coordinated fashion as required by each situation, and any action that is started must also at some point be stopped.

This immune response cycle includes the inflammatory-response, the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and many direct and indirect methods that stimulate pathogen elimination as necessary.  In cycle, the inflammatory-response is then shut down, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant machinery are engaged, tissue repair begins, additional protection and support are engaged, and, if pathogenic, “how to vanquish” information is stored for next time.  All of these immune response cycle functions require even more energy production and often under demanding conditions in order to function at peak efficiency.

When the immune cycle is preemptively interrupted or ceased— either by disruptive, synthetic cell signals, by dysfunction or even from artificial pharmaceutical or toxic pathogen defences, the immune response can be delayed, degraded or even co-opted leading to potentially longer-term problems.  Similarly, when the systems that coordinate the immune response loose sensitivity which often happens as we age, the immune response may not engage as quickly as when we were younger meaning it must work harder and with more limited resources.

Succinate triggers and supports the entire immunity cycle throughout the entire cycle-- from surveillance, to engagement, to clearance, to protection, to learning for next time, to insuring there is enough additional energy to power it all.

Succinate temporarily amplifies the signals from the small amounts of additional, supportive ingredients in our formulas.  Importantly and by design, there is not enough substance of these ingredients to carry out a function independently of the immune response cycle.  You don’t want to overpower or disrupt the genetically-controlled cascade of sequenced natural actions.  Rather, the small dosages acts as a functional suggestion in support of existing actions.  Support the cycle, don’t disrupt it!

Whether you are young and athletic, a working adult or a senior looking to best optimize your health, there is a natural succinate formula that will work for you.

What's the difference between the Boost, Recovery and Immunity programs?

In our Boost Formula, we focus on energy, Succinate provides the engine for the improved energetics, and vitamin C in the capsule increases the energetics effects further (triggering the Cori cycle which also includes recovery from the enhanced energetics). The small amount of additional succinate is noticeable to those with intensive energy output, whether that’s playing sports, or working long hours.

In our Recovery Formula a smaller amount of succinate provides the engine for the energetics, and while in this temporary “energy-state,” we introduce tiny (hormetic-like) amounts of other functional metabolites that enhance the antioxidant machinery in cells, and the anti-inflammatory mechanisms in cells.  These regulatory benefits, once “energized,” continue after the 2-3 hr energy boost has subsided.

Our Intensive Formula is similar to our Recovery Formula, additionally including tiny (hormetic) amounts of other metabolites and other substrates more focused on longevity and anti-aging such as activating cellular machinery in neurons that clear away “protein aggregates” which accumulate over time and prevent neurons from operating optimally (or eventually from operating at all).  Cognition and mental acuity are also positively enhanced.  Again, these regulatory benefits, once “energized,” continue after the 2-3 hr energy boost has subsided.

How is Pre Immunity different to other vitamins and supplements?

Pre Immunity creates a new category of sceince based supplements the innovation of which can be attributed to:

  1. Biophysics:  This is the study of how biological processes engage, communicate, work, and adapt together – especially important when under stress.  For instance, when operating optimally, your immune system is quick, adaptive and powerful to engage in its function to vanquish challenges.  

  1. Succinate:  Succinate is a naturally occurring metabolite found in the body.  It is the most powerful of all energy production metabolites and uniquely provides signalling functions to cells and to the brain when stress occurs.  As a result, succinate is fast becoming recognized as the most functional enzyme in human health.  Our team is one of the leaders in this field of study, and, as a result, Activate highlights succinate as a key ingredient in all its products.  

  1. Cell Signaling:  Cells communicate between each other and coordinate with our brain to provide constant surveillance against challenges.  Our own research uniquely confirms that for a signal to be effective, it is critical that the signal be of the proper strength and duration; and only a natural trigger is capable of this. When we are younger, this coordinated signalling to action occurs quickly, but as we age signalling engages more slowly meaning our immune system is slower to respond.  Natural succinate supplements support rapid and coordinated signalling engagement to optimize our health in multiple ways regardless of age.  
What exactly is succinate?

Succinate is a naturally occurring metabolite, Adults produce up to 400 grams of succinate in their own body each day. 

It is logical to wonder how Pre Immunity with only 300mg would have any effect at all.

The primary reason is that the vast majority of that 400 grams we produce naturally every day is used within the mitochondria to produce energy.  It is only due to a stressor that succinate, in very small amounts would exit mitochondria, initiate anaerobic energy production, and exert its influence as a signalling molecule.  

As succinate metabolizes in the gut after you swallow the capsule, part of it enters the bloodstream and is quickly used (oxidized), the real signalling impact is happening in the gut-brain axis— the nervous system pathway.

Succinate signals specifically go to the hypothalamus which is the hub of the neuroendocrine system— where the nervous system and endocrine systems meet.  It would take a significantly larger amount of succinate to affect a change in the endocrine system, but only a small amount when you use the neural pathways  (infectious diseases also tend to stress the endocrine system and any small succinate signal would be lost in the chaff).

We use succinate in varying quantities in all our formulas, tailoring the quantity and types of supporting metabolites substrates, vitamins and minerals, to enhance and support the aim of each formula.

How was Pre Immunity™ tested?

Pre Immunity has essentially been tested on athletes.

Activate Biophysics also produces internationally certified supplements for elite athletes based on succinate and related metabolites. More than 450 volunteers including Olympic athletes, professional athletes, high-level amateur athletes and non-athlete adult volunteers were tested utilizing double-blind, placebo controlled human trials (considered the ‘gold standard’ of clinical trials). This means that neither the participant nor the attending researcher knew who was given a placebo and who was given the supplement. Results were then calculated using standardized clinical methodology to determine statistical significance.

With athletes responding overwhelmingly positively, Pre Immunity was formed to refine this product and offer these health boosting benefits to everyone.

Throughout our entire testing period (3+ years) and among all volunteers, no adverse side effects were noted.